Plans & Pricing

You can get started with us the same day as your call.

    Simple, flat-rate pricing

    Actuated plans are based upon the total number of concurrent builds needed for your team. All plans include unmetered minutes, with no additional charges.

    The higher the concurrency level for your plan, the more benefits you'll receive. With burst billing, you can pay for spikes in concurrency only when you need it.

    The onboarding process is quick and easy: learn more.

    In the base tier

    • Unlimited build minutes
    • Bring your own server
    • Onboarding call with our engineers
    • Linux x86_64 & Arm supported
    • Reporting and usage metrics
    • Support via email
    • Shared Slack channel

    With higher concurrency

    • Unlimited advice for CI improvements
    • Server setup & configuration
    • Debug tricky builds with SSH
    • Private Prometheus metrics
    • Private Slack channel
    • Enhanced SLA
    • Run behind a firewall

    Early access

    • Burst billing for spikes in usage
    • GitHub Enterprise Server (GHES)
    • GPU and PCIe support for builds
    • GitLab CI (self-hosted)

    Pay monthly, for up to 3x faster CI

    $100USD / concurrent build

    Talk to us

    You'll meet with our engineers to understand your needs and answer your questions.